new life medical weight loss center

See some of the benefits that our New Life Medical Weight Loss Center has to offer. With our New Life Medical Weight Loss Center, we offer confidential appointments and interdisciplinary services that are in support of healthy lifestyle changes. Our weight loss center’s plan is easy, affordable, and does not require a contractual commitment.


Why New Life?
• Confidential Appointments*

• Interdisciplinary Services (in support of healthy lifestyle changes)

• No Shakes, Meal Replacement Plans or Calorie Counting

• Effective Program with Fast Results

• No Diuretics, Laxatives, or Colon Cleaners

• No Contractual Commitment

• Plus its Easy and Affordable!


Also Available
• New, effective FDA-Approved prescription appetite suppressants

*Weigh-in visits every two weeks are $50, plus the cost of optional prescription medications. (We do not file with medical insurance companies). We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Cash.